FruitShare™ is about delivering farm fresh fruit. Just as important is the fact that all of the organic fruit in our boxes is 100% organic. Organic fruit is the product of environmentally-sound agriculture, which includes many techniques for battling pests and disease, both high- and low-tech. Because it is packed full of nutrients and flavor, we are dedicated to bringing the highest-quality farm fresh fruit to our customers, especially since every piece of fruit is also free of harmful chemicals.

Organic fruit is grown without pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. This is important for several reasons. First, you can feel confident that the fruit you serve your family and friends is fresh and free of chemicals that are toxic and meant to kill pests. Just as important, you will know that your farm fresh fruit was grown in conditions that protect farm workers, since they don’t need to handle the dangerous chemicals used on conventional fruit. Plus, the land is worked in a sustainable, gentle way that keeps it healthy and full of nutrients for generations to come. Ecosystems are re-established and used by the farmers, who can take advantage of naturally-occurring predators rather than chemicals to battle pests.

By sourcing and delivering only organic fruit, FruitShare™ promotes ways of growing, eating and living that protect the health of our bodies and land, in the present and far into the future. Taste the difference. Make a difference. Visit our website for more information about our farm fresh fruit.