Organic fruit delivery from FruitShare™ brings together healthy living and simplicity in one box of simple goodness. Offering only the highest-quality fruit in season, FruitShare™ delivers farm fresh fruit to your door at home, work or school. Our organic fruit delivery truly makes healthy eating delicious, nutritious and easy.

FruitShare™ founder Everett Myers has spent a lifetime thinking about food, nutrition and earth-friendly agricultural practices. Fortunately, he has also worked for several years as an organic farmer and later, a produce buyer at a wholesale distributor in Minneapolis, MN. He knows the value in truly farm fresh fruit.

Conventional shipping and distribution may be slow and unwieldy, but contained within the matrix is a new way of delivering great tasting, nourishing food to appreciative buyers far removed from orchards and fields. Thus, organic fruit delivery that is efficient and environmentally-friendly. Nourish your body, and nourish the earth.

FruitShare™ connects the dots: orchard to kitchen, farm to table, organic growers to organic buyers. That’s you – along with hundreds of thousands of like-minded people joining forces to support smarter, more sustainable ways of growing, eating and living.

The amazing thing is, farm fresh fruit is also the most nutritious, and fruit in season is the most flavorful. Big surprise? Not really. FruitShare™ lets you reserve fruit on the tree or vine – and know with certainty that you’ll get it in days, if not hours, maintaining nutrient values comparable to you picking it yourself.

Reserve your share today. And explore our website to learn more about Everett and the differences that make FruitShare™ unique. Let us share with you the tastiness of fruit in season and the simplicity of organic fruit delivery.