Fresh Cherries Update

We have heard from Apple and George! They gave us an update on how this year’s crop of cherries is coming along. They say the fresh cherries are starting to turn a nice, rich red, and are sweetening up! That … Read More

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the amazing moms out there… Happy Mother’s Day! We wanted to take a moment to say, thanks for all you do. And also to tell you that you’re wonderful!  We hope that your families got you an awesome … Read More

Need a Mother’s Day Gift?

FruitShare has you covered for Mother’s Day. The big day is Sunday, May 12th, and there’s still time to get your mom, grandmother or any special lady in your life something special. FruitShare’s boxes of in-season organic fruit are a … Read More

Happy Earth Day 2013!

We love the earth. It’s why we believe in organic farming so much. Sure, organic fruit tastes incredible and is incredibly fresh. But the really wonderful thing about organic growing practices is that it’s good for the world. That’s right: it’s … Read More

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