New York’s Soda Ban Seeks to Fight Obesity

The New York City Board of Health approved a ban on sodas and other sugary drinks over 16 ounces on Thursday. The ban seeks to fight the ever-growing rates of obesity in New York City by limiting intake of sugary beverages. The topic has been the center of much debate in recent months, and according… Continue reading New York’s Soda Ban Seeks to Fight Obesity

New Rules for School Lunches

The Obama administration on Wednesday announced new regulations for school lunches subsidized by the federal government. The bottom line? More fruits and green vegetables, less salt and fat. These changes are a great step in the right direction, though they are not perfect. The tomato paste on pizza is still counted as a vegetable, but… Continue reading New Rules for School Lunches

A Solution to the SAD Diet?

The SAD diet stands for the Standard American Diet. And it is sad indeed. The facts speak for themselves: obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes are on the rise. Healthy, fresh produce is more expensive and more difficult to find than a bag of chips and a soda. Mark Bittman, food columnist at the… Continue reading A Solution to the SAD Diet?

Obesity: A Cultural Challenge

As we all know, obesity and its corresponding health issues (i.e. heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer) are major issues facing most developed countries. In the process of developing FruitShare’s fundraising program, we came to a conclusion that is perhaps obvious: the obesity problem is a cultural challenge. To clarify, it seems that the… Continue reading Obesity: A Cultural Challenge

Gaping Holes in Calorie Legislation

“Eating out” has become almost a dirty word, especially for those on a diet or trying to lose weight. With the obesity rates in our country skyrocketing, everyone seem to be scrambling to find the solution. The recent changes in health care policy include a provision that mandates chain restaurants with 20 or more locations… Continue reading Gaping Holes in Calorie Legislation