Organic Blueberry Summer Salad

This easy summer salad takes healthy clean-eating up to the next level.  Garden fresh arugula combined with nutty red quinoa and our freshest organic blueberries make for a perfect summer dish. FruitShare™ organic blueberries arrive fresh from the grower and are packed with flavor and powerful anti-oxidant cancer fighting properties.  And we love them just for… Continue reading Organic Blueberry Summer Salad

The Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Not only are they delicious, but there are a number of health benefits of grapefruit. While oranges get a lot of credit for containing vitamin C, grapefruit actually has more vitamin C per fruit. If you eat one grapefruit, it will clock in at just over 100 calories, and you’ll also get more than 125%… Continue reading The Health Benefits of Grapefruit

4 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Ah, summer. Long days, warm weather and tons of fun outdoor activities! To make sure you stay healthy enough to enjoy all the benefits of this season, make sure to try our four summer health tips: 4 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer Drink water. Water keeps you hydrated and helps keep your body functioning… Continue reading 4 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

Blueberries Help Reduce Inflammation

Recently, a piece was published in ABC News that listed “11 Fitness Food to Help You Get in Shape Faster.” Of course, we already knew that blueberries were super healthy, so it’s nice to see them highlighted for their benefits. Blueberries have tons of antioxidants of course. They also reduce inflammation, which helps your body… Continue reading Blueberries Help Reduce Inflammation

3 Exercises to Do at Work

Do you sit at a desk all day long? Do you feel too busy to exercise? It’s not difficult to work in some simple exercises while you’re at work. Tricep Desk Dips: Stand facing away from your desk with your palms on the edge. Dip down until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, then… Continue reading 3 Exercises to Do at Work

Health Benefits of Sunshine

In honor of Daylight Savings Time, we’d like to honor some of the important health benefits of sunlight. Vitamin D – you can get this important vitamin from sunshine, and it can help fight Type 2 diabetes and cancer, supports your immune system, helps increase calcium absorption for healthy bones, and can help lower your… Continue reading Health Benefits of Sunshine

Health Benefits of Oranges

We all know that oranges have lots of vitamin C. But there’s much more to this popular citrus fruit! Here are some more great reasons why you should enjoy eating oranges (other than the fact that they’re delicious!): One medium orange has about 70 calories An orange has about 12% of your daily recommended fiber… Continue reading Health Benefits of Oranges