Springtime Fruit

As we begin the month of March, winter is beginning to feel endlessly long, especially here in the Midwest where FruitShare™ is located. There is still deep snow on the ground, trees bare of leaves and temperatures are cold. Spring … Read More

Mixed Boxes with Kumquats

Kumquats are only a little larger than a grape. They are the only citrus fruit that is eaten completely whole – skin and all. In fact, the skin is the sweetest part. The first impression you’ll have of a kumquat … Read More

A what-quat?

This week, we’ve added Helene’s organic, biodynamic kumquats into our mixed in-season boxes. What exactly are kumquats? They are small citrus fruits with sweet skin and tart flesh and juice. It is the only citrus fruit that you can eat … Read More

Blood Orange Beauty

My own box of mixed in-season organic citrus arrived today, and I had a hard time  picking which variety I wanted to try first. I settled on a blood orange, and when I  cut into it, it was so beautiful … Read More

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