Organic Blueberry Plum Galette

Have you ever wanted to bake one of those gorgeous fruit galettes you find in the bakery case?  Well now you can with this cheater short cut.  This fruit galette is Sunday Brunch- worthy.  Using organic fruit from our FruitShare (of course), we created this beauty and you can too.  Inspired by food network’s Sunny… Continue reading Organic Blueberry Plum Galette

How to Eat Mandarins, No Peeling Required

Sure, mandarins like satsumas and clementines have zipper peels…but sometimes you don’t want to get bits of peel under your fingernails. Or you just want a really cool way to eat mandarins that will totally impress your friends. Here’s how: Cut off the top and bottom. Cut the peel on one side. Don’t cut too… Continue reading How to Eat Mandarins, No Peeling Required

Health Benefits of Fresh Cranberries

Did you know that fresh cranberries are one of the top superfoods? It’s true! They rank only behind blueberries in terms of antioxidant activity. Fresh cranberries are fall’s superfood, with a ton of vitamins and nutrients that support your body’s health. Cranberries help support our heart and liver. The antioxidants found in cranberries may help… Continue reading Health Benefits of Fresh Cranberries

Health Benefits of Eating Fruit

We’ve all heard that obesity in the U.S. is at an all-time high and increasing, especially in children. Experts agree that we eat much too much sugar, which is contributing to this phenomenon. So, if we’re eating too much sugar, does that mean that we need to be concerned about the sugar in fruit? A… Continue reading Health Benefits of Eating Fruit

How The Diet Mentality Can Be Destructive

The word “diet” can often be considered a dirty word. While many of us are constantly trying to lose weight, diet foods or healthy foods often seem less appetizing than that bowl of ice cream or a bag of salty chips. A new study from Yale University explores the link between our perceptions of food… Continue reading How The Diet Mentality Can Be Destructive

Congratulations to our Haiku Winner!

All three judges separately chose the their favorite poem from the submissions to our haiku contest. The unanimous winner is…Greg Seitz! We all loved his poem about fishing on a spring morning. Eating an orange between the sun and snow is a great image. In case you missed it, here’s Greg’s poem: Spring morning fishing… Continue reading Congratulations to our Haiku Winner!

“Healthy Dessert” – Not An Oxymoron

“Healthy” and “dessert” are two words that are not often heard together. But finding some recipes that go easy on butter and sugar while focusing on fruit makes for delicious and nutritious desserts. The New York Times recently posted an recipe for apple clafouti (below) in their Recipes for Health section. There is another for… Continue reading “Healthy Dessert” – Not An Oxymoron