Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

This time of year is incredibly busy as we make our lists and check them twice. So don’t forget Christmas gifts for coworkers and bosses! It’s always a challenge to find a thoughtful gift that is personal — but not too personal. This is especially true if you are participating in a gift exchange and don’t… Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Looking for an Unusual Corporate Gift Idea? Try a Subscription …

A Corporate Gift Idea that Lasts All Year Keeping top of mind with your clients isn’t easy. Although they may really appreciate the singular gesture of a really nice bottle of wine, consider a monthly subscription gift that keeps you top of mind on a regular basis —  and in a thoughtful way. Fruit of… Continue reading Looking for an Unusual Corporate Gift Idea? Try a Subscription …

3 Exercises to Do at Work

Do you sit at a desk all day long? Do you feel too busy to exercise? It’s not difficult to work in some simple exercises while you’re at work. Tricep Desk Dips: Stand facing away from your desk with your palms on the edge. Dip down until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, then… Continue reading 3 Exercises to Do at Work

Employee Wellness Fruit Club

If you sit at a desk all day long, then you know how challenging it can be to maintain healthy habits like exercise and healthy eating. Those vending machines just call your name come 2:30 in the afternoon… But that’s where FruitShare can help. With farm fresh fruit, we can help you maintain healthy habits… Continue reading Employee Wellness Fruit Club

Exercises for Employee Wellness

In the past, we’ve talked about employee wellness and the importance of corporate wellness programs. But it can be difficult to work in physical activity during the work day, when sometimes a simple walk doesn’t feel like enough. An article in the Washington Post gives 12 ideas for activities you can do right by your desk. The Post’s… Continue reading Exercises for Employee Wellness