Five Things You Didn’t Know about Satsumas

Satsumas. They can be a bit of a mystery if you’ve never had one. And if you have had one, well, then you know that they are small citrus fruits very similar to a clementine, only with a sweeter flavor. And because we think satsumas are an under-appreciated fruit, we wanted to give them some… Continue reading Five Things You Didn’t Know about Satsumas

Clementine Cake Recipe

What could be better than a simple-to-make cake that will seem like you slaved for hours in the kitchen and impress everyone at the next post luck? Nothing, of course. This Clementine Cake recipe is one of the best we’ve found, because it is so easy and delicious. It is super moist and dense, and seems… Continue reading Clementine Cake Recipe

Christmas Gift Food Ideas

Traditional Christmas gift food ideas tend to run the gamut from sugary to very sugary. But with FruitShare, you can give a sweet gift without choosing those unhealthy treats. FruitShare’s organic fruit delivery is a perfect, convenient Christmas gift option for any of your friends, family, coworkers or clients. FruitShare offers the freshest fruit in… Continue reading Christmas Gift Food Ideas

Holiday Fruit Salad

This holiday fruit salad fulfills all your potluck needs for the holiday season! It’s inevitable that you’ll be asked to bring a dish to pass…forget store-bought cookies and bring this simple, festive holiday fruit salad instead. The beauty of this salad is that it lets that flavor of the season’s best citrus fruit shine through –… Continue reading Holiday Fruit Salad

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Office

It’s that time of year for holiday gift exchanges, employee appreciation, potlucks and parties. As you ponder Christmas gift ideas for the office, look no further than FruitShare. Order the perfect fruit box for each person and event. Convenient online ordering, 24/7 Free shipping Delicious and nutritious Eco-friendly Corporate gifts for employees are hard to… Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for the Office

How to Eat Mandarins, No Peeling Required

Sure, mandarins like satsumas and clementines have zipper peels…but sometimes you don’t want to get bits of peel under your fingernails. Or you just want a really cool way to eat mandarins that will totally impress your friends. Here’s how: Cut off the top and bottom. Cut the peel on one side. Don’t cut too… Continue reading How to Eat Mandarins, No Peeling Required

Pixie Tangerines – February’s Best!

Winter brings a ton of amazing fruit in season, and throughout the season there are certain standouts. Right now, that star of the season is the Pixie Tangerine. Similar to clementines, Pixie Tangerines are small and sweet citrus fruits that the whole family will love! They have a “zipper peel” which means the peel separates… Continue reading Pixie Tangerines – February’s Best!