Five Things You Didn’t Know about Satsumas

Satsumas. They can be a bit of a mystery if you’ve never had one. And if you have had one, well, then you know that they are small citrus fruits very similar to a clementine, only with a sweeter flavor. And because we think satsumas are an under-appreciated fruit, we wanted to give them some… Continue reading Five Things You Didn’t Know about Satsumas

Christmas Gift Food Ideas

Traditional Christmas gift food ideas tend to run the gamut from sugary to very sugary. But with FruitShare, you can give a sweet gift without choosing those unhealthy treats. FruitShare’s organic fruit delivery is a perfect, convenient Christmas gift option for any of your friends, family, coworkers or clients. FruitShare offers the freshest fruit in… Continue reading Christmas Gift Food Ideas

What on Earth is a Satsuma Orange?

A satsuma orange, or more properly, a satsuma mandarin, is a type of citrus fruit. Similar in size to a clementine, these are a favorite citrus fruit every winter for kids and the young-at-heart. Satsumas were originally a Japanese variety of citrus. They have a zipper peel, which means the skin is loosely attached to the… Continue reading What on Earth is a Satsuma Orange?

How to Eat a Grapefruit

Have you ever wondered how to eat a grapefruit? If you’re slightly intimidated by the idea, well – don’t be! Eating grapefruit is easy. If you have a grapefruit knife, that is great, but you don’t need one. How to Eat a Grapefruit Cut the grapefruit in half horizontally to reveal the sections inside. With… Continue reading How to Eat a Grapefruit

Radicchio, Cara Cara Orange and Quinoa Salad

Cara Cara oranges are in-season right now, and they are fabulous (if we do say so ourselves). These oranges are sometimes known as “red navels” because they are very similar to their more common cousins, the navel orange. Inside, the flesh is pinker and a bit sweeter, with less of an acidic tang. In this… Continue reading Radicchio, Cara Cara Orange and Quinoa Salad

How To: Zest, Peel & Section Citrus

Many recipes, especially for salads, call for the zest of a citrus fruit, or a sectioned orange. But how exactly do you get those things? This video will show you the simplest way to handle citrus fruit for all of your successful recipes.

Tell Us: What’s Your Favorite Citrus?

Juicy, sweet…totally delicious! These words all describe our organic citrus. But everyone always has a favorite – so tell us: what’s yours?