Fresh Cherries Update

We have heard from Apple and George! They gave us an update on how this year’s crop of cherries is coming along. They say the fresh cherries are starting to turn a nice, rich red, and are sweetening up! That … Read More

Longing for Summer?

Here in Minnesota, we’re ready for summer. We’re dreaming of summer fresh fruit in season, like blueberries, cherries, peaches and more… [polldaddy poll=7026443]

Summer Flavor

Here at FruitShare, we look forward to summer as the prime time for delicious organic fruit. Summer brings blueberries, cherries and Colorado peaches, plus nectarines, plums, grapes, pluots, and many varieties of peaches. What’s your favorite summer flavor? [polldaddy poll=5120771]

News from Cherryland

Apple sent us a note today, letting us know how things are going at the cherry orchard this year: “It sure has been a STRANGE weather year worldwide…We lost most of our early cherry crop so I won’t have any … Read More

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