New Study: Are Organic Foods Healthier?

A new comprehensive review of previous studies has found significantly higher levels of antioxidants in organic fruits, vegetables and grains, along with lower levels of pesticides, when compared to conventionally-grown crops. The study, which will be published in the British Journal of Nutrition, established its findings by reviewing 343 previously published studies. On average, the study… Continue reading New Study: Are Organic Foods Healthier?

Fresh Cherries are Sold Out

We are sorry to say that we have already finished what is quite possibly the shortest cherry season on record. Fresh Cherries are now sold out for the year. The reason why this was such a short season was because of the difficult weather. The season started out great with a lot of healthy fruit.… Continue reading Fresh Cherries are Sold Out

Happy Earth Day 2013!

We love the earth. It’s why we believe in organic farming so much. Sure, organic fruit tastes incredible and is incredibly fresh. But the really wonderful thing about organic growing practices is that it’s good for the world. That’s right: it’s good for the world. By that, we mean it’s good for the land where it’s… Continue reading Happy Earth Day 2013!

Pesticides Sicken Peruvian Workers

On Tuesday, nearly 400 farm workers in Peru became sick after inhaling pesticides sprayed on a nearby field, CNN reports. The chemical was sprayed just hours before the workers arrived, and after breathing the fumes they became ill with dizziness, vomiting and pain. Most were discharged from the hospital Tuesday after receiving treatment. For the… Continue reading Pesticides Sicken Peruvian Workers

Apples and Pesticides

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the U.S. – they’re even an iconic gift from teachers to students. But if you’re not buying organic apples, you’re probably eating more than just a healthy and delicious piece of fruit. According to the Pesticide Action Network’s site, What’s On My Food?, 42 pesticide residues… Continue reading Apples and Pesticides

Fresh Peaches & Pesticides

Fresh peaches are a favorite summer fruit, especially flavorful and juicy Colorado peaches. But if your fresh peaches are not organic, you’re probably getting more than just the flavor and nutrition packed into peaches. According to the Pesticide Action Network’s project “What’s On My Food?”, you’re eating 62 pesticide residues if your peaches are conventionally grown. These chemical… Continue reading Fresh Peaches & Pesticides

Colorado Peach Harvest

Brant’s Colorado peaches are all harvested by hand to protect the fruit from bruising and other damage. This way, if some of the organic peaches aren’t quite ripe, they will be left on the trees for a few more days. It’s this hands-on approach that makes the difference between a good peach and a fantastic peach,… Continue reading Colorado Peach Harvest