Five Things You Didn’t Know about Satsumas

Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines organic fruit delivery from FruitShare.comSatsumas. They can be a bit of a mystery if you’ve never had one. And if you have had one, well, then you know that they are small citrus fruits very similar to a clementine, only with a sweeter flavor. And because we think satsumas are an under-appreciated fruit, we wanted to give them some time in the limelight (so to speak).

Here are five things you didn’t know about satsumas.

1. The name “satsuma” comes from the province in Japan where satsumas where they were originally grown, beginning in the 16th century.

2. Satsumas are a traditional holiday treat in England, where they are often given and received as gifts, and put into children’s stockings for Christmas.

3. Satsumas are a variety of mandarin orange, as are tangerines and clementines. Some believe that mandarins were actually the “original orange” and all other varieties eventually derived from it.

4. The first time mandarins were imported to the West was in 1805, when they arrived in England. They quickly gained popularity in Italy and the Mediterranean, but America was later to the party with the first imports arriving in the 1840s.

5. Satsumas are more tolerant of cold weather than most citrus trees.

Our satsumas are 100% organic, and we think they’re they best-tasting satsuma mandarins around (and we’re not biased at all!). Throughout the early winter months, these citrus fruits bring a bright, fresh scent and flavor to your home that is reminiscent of sunshine.

Get your fill of satsumas by ordering from FruitShare, and we’ll deliver them directly to you. We have a popular 10-pound box (about 50 satsumas – trust us, you’ll eat them faster than you think!) and a 5-pound box perfect for organic fruit gifts (about 25 satsumas).

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