Christmas Gift Food Ideas

Christmas gift food ideas - organic fruit gifts - clementines

Traditional Christmas gift food ideas tend to run the gamut from sugary to very sugary. But with FruitShare, you can give a sweet gift without choosing those unhealthy treats. FruitShare’s organic fruit delivery is a perfect, convenient Christmas gift option for any of your friends, family, co-workers or clients.

FruitShare offers the freshest fruit in season, which for the Christmas season includes citrus fruit such as satsuma mandarins, clementines, navel oranges, and grapefruit. Because they are so sweet and juicy, they are great sweet Christmas gift food ideas.

With convenient organic fruit delivery, you don’t even have to brave the Christmas shopping crowds. Simply order your fruit gifts on and we’ll take care of the rest. FruitShare will deliver fruit to homes, businesses – even to schools for college students. And we’ll include a personal note with each fruit gift.

Need help choosing from all of our great Christmas gift food ideas? Here are some of our favorites:

Organic Fruit Gifts – Satsuma Mandarins & Clementines
Perfect for: families. Kids will love these super-sweet, zipper-peel fruits that are just the right size for little hands. (And parents will love them, too!)

Organic Fruit Gifts – Navel Oranges
Perfect for: the picky eater. Navel oranges are the classic citrus fruit that’s easy to peel and super juicy.

Organic Fruit Gifts – Avocado Fruit
Perfect for: the trendsetter. Avocados are super healthy and are enjoying a surge in popularity due to their versatility.

Fruit of the Month Club – 6 Month Fruit Gift
Perfect for: everyone! Six months of our popular Fruit of the Month Club means the recipient will enjoy a wide range of fruit in season.

To choose the perfect Christmas gift food ideas for everyone on your list, head over to

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