What on Earth is a Satsuma Orange?

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A satsuma orange, or more properly, a satsuma mandarin, is a type of citrus fruit. Similar in size to a clementine, these are a favorite citrus fruit every winter for kids and the young-at-heart.

Satsumas were originally a Japanese variety of citrus. They have a zipper peel, which means the skin is loosely attached to the flesh inside, making them very easy to peel. They are perfect for little fingers to peel!

Another reason they are perfect for youngsters: satsumas are seedless. There are no seeds to accidentally crunch on when enjoying these tasty, juice citrus fruits!

So what do satsumas taste like?

Satsumas are very sweet because they have a low acid content. That means they have a high sugar content, which makes them nearly as sweet as candy (but much healthier). They have a very tender texture, making them easy to eat as they practically melt in your mouth.

What sets satsumas apart from the similar clementines and tangerines is on the inside. The membranes that are filled with the juice are thinner than other citrus varieties. So they are extra-juicy and have less of the pulpy texture than you can find in other varieties.

Satsuma storage

Like all citrus, we recommend storing satsumas in the refrigerator to keep them from drying out. If you prefer to enjoy your citrus at room temperature, simply keep a few satsumas out on the counter. We can almost guarantee that these satsumas won’t last very long in any case!

And at about 45 calories apiece, each satsuma orange provides around 45% of your recommended daily vitamin C, 14% of your vitamin A and 6% of your dietary fiber. Pretty good for a piece of fruit that’s under 3″ in diameter!

Once you taste them we know that the satsuma orange will become a holiday tradition!

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