Christmas Gift Ideas for the Office

Holiday Fruit Delivery - Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year for holiday gift exchanges, employee appreciation, potlucks, and parties. As you ponder Christmas gift ideas for the office, look no further than FruitShare.

Order the perfect fruit box for each person and event.

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Corporate gifts for employees are hard to personalize. A fruit box overflowing with juicy, colorful Satsuma Mandarins, Clementines, Navel Oranges, Pears and Rio Star Grapefruit is a welcome sight in the break room and a big hit at office Christmas parties.

Employees will appreciate the organic sentiment as well – even better if they get their own fruit box to take home.

Employee gift exchanges are another challenge during the busy holiday season. Instead of wandering the aisles of your local retail store, order a box of organic fruit as a stand-alone gift.

Or, try some of the ideas below to add some meaning, originality, and nutrition in your giving.

Christmas Fruit Gift Ideas for the Office

1.) Colorful Holiday Centerpiece Fruit Gifts

Arrange the fruit in a glass vase, pretty bowl or platter, or a decorative wooden crate. Add some greens, nuts, cinnamon sticks, ornaments or even a candle.

Quick, simple and beautiful, this makes for an appreciated Christmas gift for anyone at the office and an office party centerpiece too.

Christmas gift ideas for the office - Christmas decoration with oranges


2.) Fruit Christmas Tree Ornaments

Use heavy string, floral wire, decorative chain or beaded hooks for hanging. Add cloves, a healthy winter spice, or other natural items to give your fruit ornaments a pretty, festive look.

It’s a unique while wonderfully edible and delicious Christmas gift idea for the office, teachers, neighbors, and others you’d like to show gratitude to.

Order our holiday mixed box for variety or other winter fruit in season favorites.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Office - Oranges Christmas Tree Ornaments


3.) Serve it up Special

Give the gift of organic fruit on a pretty platter or in a reusable basket your recipient can keep and enjoy for years to come. Include a few hand-written recipes that use some of the fruit you’ve included in your gift.

Browse fruit recipes at our website or on this blog for ideas.

This is also a great way to present your fruit club gift to employees – or a FruitShare gift certificate to a co-worker.

Organic Fruit Centerpiece - Christmas Gift Ideas for the Offiice: FruitShare

There are so many creative ways to celebrate the holidays with the goodness of organic fruit. Send us pictures or write a comment below about your Christmas gift ideas for the office.