Health Benefits of Oranges

We all know that oranges have lots of vitamin C. But there’s much more to this popular citrus fruit! Here are some more great reasons why you should enjoy eating oranges (other than the fact that they’re delicious!):

  • One medium orange has about 70 calories
  • An orange has about 12% of your daily recommended fiber intake
  • Along with about 100% of your needed vitamin C, oranges have some vitamin A, calcium, thiamin, vitamin B6 and potassium
  • A medium orange has around 120 grams of water, helping to keep you hydrated
  • The antioxidants in oranges can help lower blood pressure
  • A diet high in citrus fruit can help protect against some forms of cancer and other degenerative diseases, according to a 2003 report

So peel those oranges and dig in. It’s good for you!

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