Meal Planning for the Week Ahead

Let’s be honest: everyone gets incredibly busy during the week and it can be difficult to eat healthy – especially when you have to feed the whole family! Sometimes, it seems easier to just head through the drive-thru window.

We’re here to tell you that there’s a much better way. If you can dedicate a little time to food preparation over the weekend, then you’ll be all set to go for the week.

  • Cut your veggies in advance. Peppers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower…all of these can be chopped ahead of time and kept in airtight containers. When you need them, just pull them out and keep on keeping on with that busy schedule.
  • Cook and freeze. Soups are an especially great go-to during the winter. Make a big pot of your favorite recipe and freeze it in pre-measured portions. Just pop it in the microwave and enjoy a healthy dinner.
  • Throw fruit in your bag. An orange is a hardy piece of fruit that can survive in your purse or briefcase. Keep it with you for a snack during the day to keep hunger pains at bay and you won’t be so tempted to get fast food.

With a bit of time investment at the beginning of the week, you’ll sail through those busy weeknights like a pro. That, along with convenient organic fruit delivery from FruitShare, means that you’ve got this whole “healthy eating” thing down pat.

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