3 Ways to Stay Healthy on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. A time for getting together with family, giving thanks…and eating. From deep-fried turkeys to the abundance of pies and everything in between, Thanksgiving dinner can be filled with pitfalls. While it’s certainly a good day to indulge a little, you can use these three tips to make your day of dining a little healthier.

  1. Eat normally. It’s tempting to skip meals to “leave room” for more Thanksgiving dinner, but this is not a good idea. Eat breakfast and lunch as usual, so you aren’t over-hungry when dinner is served. It’ll keep you from over-eating – and your blood sugar will stay steady throughout the day so you won’t get crabby and can enjoy the day.
  2. Serve fresh fruit. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit in season out on the table for your guests to enjoy. It makes a beautiful centerpiece, as well as offering a healthy snack to enjoy instead of dips and chips while waiting for dinner to be served.
  3. Eat and be merry. Go ahead and enjoy your favorite dishes. Have that piece of pie…just don’t eat the whole pie.

Don’t forget to order your Thanksgiving fruit in season in time for it to be delivered to your door! No need to brave the busy supermarket; we’ll deliver it right to you.

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