Comparing Apples to…Snack Foods?

When it comes to nutrition, it’s not like comparing apples to apples. Look below to see the differences between munching on an apple and some other common snacks  based on four criteria. We’re not looking at vitamins, but instead at a couple of key indicators: calories, fat, fiber and sugar content in each snack.

1 Apple: 100 calories | 0 grams fat | 4 grams fiber | 19 grams sugar
A Snickers candy bar: 250 calories | 12 grams fat | 1 gram fiber | 27 grams sugar
1 oz. potato chips: 155 calories | 9.5 grams fat | 1.5 grams fiber | 0 grams sugar
1 apple juice box: 121 calories | 0 grams fat | 0 grams fiber | 25 grams sugar

Even just looking at a few examples makes it painfully clear how much more healthy apples are. It’s something we all know, but looking at the side-by-side comparison is a great reminder about what we put in our bodies.

To your health!


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