Zestar Apples

This week we started shipping some early fall fruit in season. The Zestar apples and Bartlett pears welcomed us to late summer/early fall as new varieties of fruit coming into season.

Zestar apples have an interesting backstory that we like to share. They were developed at the University of Minnesota – not to far from our FruitShare offices! They have a great crunch and juiciness, along with tasty flavor. They’re good for eating fresh (obviously!) and hold up well to other flavors in your favorite recipes. The Zestar apple was recently crossed with the ever-popular Honeycrisp apple to create a new variety that we were able to deliver to you last year, the SweeTango apple. We love the flavor of the Zestar, and it was certainly passed down to its descendant. We also like that this particular apple was grown right here in our home state!

Get your apples, pears, peaches and more with the Fruit in Season Mixed Boxes that we’re shipping!

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