Colorado Peaches are Here!

Colorado Peaches - Organic Fruit Delivery from FruitShare.comWe delivered the first boxes of Colorado Peaches this week! Our fresh peaches are from Brant and Carol, and we’re convinced that they grow the best peaches, period.

We love using Colorado Peaches in pies and crumbles, in smoothies, topped with yogurt, sliced on salads, and in tons of recipes. They lend themselves very well to cooking, baking, grilling and – of course – eating fresh!

This year, we almost didn’t get a Colorado peach harvest at all. The cold spring brought frosts and freezes in April while the trees were flowering. A lot of times, growers use large fans to mix the air during the cool nights, but this year that was not enough to moderate the temperature. Then, on April 24th, it snowed between 3-5 inches before noon. Nearly 75% of the harvest was lost. The quality of the remaining fruit was not affected, but the size is not consistent because the trees were thinned by the freeze, not by hand. Consider yourself lucky to get Colorado peaches this year. Our thoughts certainly go out to all the growers who have faced a difficult year.