How We Decide What Fruit to Send Each Week

Summer Fruit in Season | Organic Fruit Delivery - Organic Fruit Gifts | FruitShare.comOne of the founding principles of FruitShare is that we send the freshest and most flavorful fruit in season each week. So how do we decide what fruit is good enough to deliver to your home each week? Simple: we taste it.

Each week, we talk with the farmers to find out how the harvests are coming along. When we hear that they have a good shipment ready, they send it to us. It arrives directly from the farm to us, and we taste it as soon as it arrives. If it’s up to par (and it usually is!) then we fill up each box with the delicious farm fresh fruit. 

Sometimes, you may receive a newsletter that doesn’t quite match up with what is in the box. That’s because something happened at the last minute and we decided to switch up some of the fruit. We do this so that we’re always sending you the most flavorful, fresh and delicious fruit in season. 

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