It’s Almost Back-to-School Time

Well, August is nearly upon us – which means that college kids are turning their attention back to school within the next few weeks. Among all the preparations, packing and excitement, don’t forget that it’s easy to help your college student stay healthy…even in those college cafeterias.

Send them off to school with a Fruit in Season Mixed Box to start the year off right. We’ll even deliver it right to their dorm or apartment. You can send them farm fresh fruit all through the year, no matter where in the country they are going to school. It’s a simple way that you can keep them happy, healthy and eating well.

Some of our favorites for college students:

Fruit in Season Mixed Box – about 10-14 pounds of farm fresh fruit

Organic Fruit Gifts – Mixed Fruit – about 6-8 pounds of fruit in season

Colorado Peaches – about 10 pounds of organic peaches (starting in mid-August!)

Fruit of the Month Club – Half Share – about 6-8 pounds of farm fresh fruit, delivered once a month

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