Fresh Cherries are Sold Out

We are sorry to say that we have already finished what is quite possibly the shortest cherry season on record.

Fresh Cherries are now sold out for the year.

The reason why this was such a short season was because of the difficult weather. The season started out great with a lot of healthy fruit. But just a week before the harvest, heavy rains hit the orchard. Rain is very hard on ripe cherries because it causes them to split, effectively ruining the fruit. On the heels of the rain came very hot weather, which causes a disease in the trees called sun scald.  Plus, hot weather makes it hard on the workers who harvest the fruit. The growers actually used headlamps and picked cherries at 2 AM to work during the coolest possible temperatures.

Sadly, what looked like a very productive crop this summer turned to an extremely small crop in just a week’s time. We were fortunate that we even had some cherries this year, and next year we will be sending positive thoughts to all our cherry growers. If you did not get to order your fresh cherries this year, please do check back next summer.

Thankfully, the blueberry growers did not have to contend with this kind of weather and the blueberry harvest continues strongly. We highly recommend a box of Organic Blueberries in lieu of cherries this year!

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