Get Your Fresh Cherries Before They’re Gone!

Fresh Cherries | Organic Fruit Delivery - Organic Fruit Gifts | FruitShare.comThis year the weather conspired against our cherry growers, Apple and George. Unfortunately, lots of rain followed by high temperatures in the 100s essentially destroyed much of their crop. Our thoughts go out to Apple and George, and all the farmers who have been affected by the weather this year.

Fortunately, Apple and George were able to harvest some fresh cherries. You can get your cherries for a very limited time. We are only able to sell our 6-pound boxes of Fresh Cherries this year; we will not have enough cherries to include them in the Fruit in Season Mixed Boxes.

Repeat: if you want Fresh Cherries, you must order a 6-pound box, and you must order it ASAP. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Next year we will keep our fingers crossed for a strong harvest season for Apple and George. Happily, the blueberries season is going strong and we will continue to offer Organic Blueberries for several more weeks.

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