How to Freeze Blueberries & Cherries

Got extra blueberries or cherries? (Really? We’re a little surprised…we can’t stop eating them!) It’s easy to freeze some of your fruit so that it lasts longer. It’s also a great addition to smoothies for a cool summer drink.

How to Freeze Blueberries & Cherries

Wash your fruit and pat it dry thoroughly. Don’t skip this step, because you don’t want your fruit to freeze into a block. For cherries, remove the pits.* Spread the dry berries in a single layer on a cookie sheet, and place them in the refrigerator. It will take at least a few hours, but you can also leave them overnight. Remove them from the freezer, and put them in zip-top bags, pressing out as much air as possible. Your frozen fruit will keep in the freezer for several months – just pull it out whenever you need some blueberries or cherries!

*If you don’t have a cherry pitter, you can use a toothpick or similar sharp, thin instrument. Insert it into the top of the cherry until it hits the pit. Twist the toothpick around the edge of the pit and pop it out.

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