Summer Fruit in Season is Here!

Summer Fruit in Season | Organic Fruit Delivery - Organic Fruit Gifts | FruitShare.comThis week officially kicks off summer with some delicious fruit in season. We filled up this week’s box with white and yellow peaches, white nectarines, Flame grapes, pluots and avocados. As the summer goes on, we’ll be delivering more and more tasty farm fresh fruit.

Don’t miss the best of summer fruit in season! Order Summer Fruit in Season and you’ll receive shipments every other week, for a total of seven shipments. You’ll get the blueberries, cherries and Colorado peaches, along with all of the delicious varieties of summer fruit in between.

In late June, we’ll start shipping Blueberries. You can order your “superblues” now and be first in line to receive the harvest’s first berries.

Cherries will come along in mid-July, from Apple and George. Colorado peaches start in mid-August and will run through mid- to late-September.

And throughout the summer, we’ll have nectarines, plums, pluots, red and green grapes, black grapes, champagne grapes, Valencia oranges and apriums. Don’t miss out on the summer’s most delicious and healthy organic fruit in season!

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