Pixie Tangerines – February’s Best!

Winter brings a ton of amazing fruit in season, and throughout the season there are certain standouts. Right now, that star of the season is the Pixie Tangerine. Similar to clementines, Pixie Tangerines are small and sweet citrus fruits that the whole family will love! They have a “zipper peel” which means the peel separates easily from the flesh, making them a snap to peel for a snack. Kids (and grown-ups, too) will really love these sweet and juicy citrus fruits!

We’re introducing our Pixie Tangerines boxes in two sizes. Get a 10-pound box of Pixie Tangerines for the entire family to enjoy, or a smaller 5-pound box of Pixie Tangerines. As always, we’ll deliver them right to your door at home, work or school!

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