What’s in the fruit boxes this week?

This week’s boxes of fruit in season include some of the winter’s tastiest fruits, including two very unique citrus fruits.

Navel oranges – the classic orange that everyone knows and loves, this sweet and juicy citrus fruit is always a favorite.

Cara Cara oranges – with its pinkish-orange coloring, this variety is a great way to change up your citrus fruit routine. It has less acidic tang than it’s classic counterpart and makes for a pretty and delicious snack.

Blood oranges – these unique oranges contain an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which is normally found in red and purple berries. It is the only citrus fruit to contain this antioxidant, which also gives it a striking coloring, which ranges from ruby red to red-and-orange streaked.

Limes – these little green gems are the perfect way to punch up your favorite recipes…or even plain water. Use them for zests and juicing for a tangy, fresh zip of flavor.

Tangerines – incredibly sweet, these little citrus fruits have a “zipper peel” which means they are easy to peel. They are perfect for kids (and adults) to snack on any time of the day.

Kumquats – arguably one of the most unique fruits, the kumquat is a little bigger than a grape and has edible skin, unlike any other citrus fruits. Your tastebuds will be tickled by the shocking tartness followed by the mellow sweetness of the chewy skin.

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