The Scoop on Pears

Sometimes we think that fresh pears are overlooked. There are so many delicious types of fruit in season during the fall, and it can be easy to pass over a pear in favor of a Honeycrisp apple. So, today we decided that the pear deserves a little extra attention.

There are several varieties of pears that we usually like to include in our Fruit in Season Mixed Boxes in the fall. Each one is slightly different than the others, with unique qualities that we’d like to highlight below.

Bartlett – the Bartlett pear is the classic green pear you find easily. It has the traditional shape and a bright green color that slowly turns more yellow as it ripens. With a sweet, mild flavor, Bartletts are truly the “workhorse” pear – they’re great for everything from eating fresh to baking.

Red Bartlett – like its cousin, the Red Bartlett pear has a classic shape. However, as the name suggests, this variety has red skin. It is a little sweeter, with a brighter flavor than the green counterpart.

Bosc – this variety is perhaps the strangest-looking pear of them all because of its coloring. The Bosc pear is a flat, light brown, with a slightly textured skin. It has a spicy, rich flavor that stands up well to other strong flavors, making it ideal for baking with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Concorde – the thing that makes this variety unique is that it doesn’t turn brown when sliced and exposed to the air. This makes them perfect for slicing over salads or setting out as a snack. Concorde pears can be eaten while still crunchy and will still have an abundance of flavor.

D’Anjou – also sometimes simply called “Anjou,” these egg-shaped pears have the freshest, juiciest flavor of all the varieties when ripe. The taste is bright and delicious, making them ideal for eating fresh or even grilling.

Red D’Anjou – like the green cousin, these pears are egg-shaped, though they feature deep red coloring that is truly striking. The flavor and texture is creamier than the green Anjou, making them great for poaching and baking.

Starkrimson – another red variety, this pear is excellent for an appetizer or even dessert when paired with a nice cheese. It’s also great for slicing onto salads, offering a pop of juicy flavor and bright color to a green salad.

Asian pears – always a hit with the kids, Asian pears are incredibly juicy. This makes them ideal for eating out of hand. These varieties are rounder than other pear varieties and have a browner skin, similar to Bosc pears.

To try out some of these tasty varieties, check out our boxes of Fresh Pears, or our Fruit in Season Mixed Box.

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