Farm Fresh Fruit Club

Summer brings some of the best fruit in season: organic blueberries, fresh cherries and Colorado peaches, to name a few!

You can make sure to get all of your favorites with FruitShare’s Farm Fresh Fruit Club. This is the easiest way to get your fruit delivered right to your door with zero hassle.

Here’s how it works

You order the Farm Fresh Fruit Club, and we begin delivering boxes of the freshest fruit in season to your home or workplace. We’ll deliver one box every other week. There’s no re-ordering, and it never runs out.

You’ll be billed automatically for each box as you go, so there’s no up-front payment. You’ll just continue to receive the very best organic fruit delivery service around (if we do say so ourselves). And if there comes a time when you don’t want to receive any more boxes, you just let us know and we’ll stop sending them.

Sign up for the Farm Fresh Fruit Club and begin receiving your boxes of delicious summer fruit in season! And if you want monthly deliveries, try our Fruit of the Month Club, or the Employee Wellness Club for weekly deliveries.

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