Farm Fresh Fruit Fundraisers

Finally – a healthy way to raise money for schools, teams and other organizations! Forget the candy and cookie dough, and focus on a healthy alternative instead: selling organic fruit in season to your family, friends and neighbors. FruitShare offers two different versions of fundraiser to help organizations of any size raise money.

Traditional FundraiserSimilar in format to other fundraisers, your group will sell pre-determined types of fruit for a certain short period of time. FruitShare will deliver one large shipment of fruit to fulfill the orders, and your organization will distribute the boxes to your customers. We write you a check, and everyone goes home happy! This type of fundraiser works very well for schools, churches and other big groups with a public meeting space. Schools and churches make excellent drop-off points for large shipments of fruit.

Premium Fundraiser: The premium fundraiser is a long-term program that allows organizations to raise money slowly and consistently. FruitShare will issue a promo code specifically for your group, and each time that code is used, your organization receives 5% of the sale. That’s all there is to it! You spread the word about your fundraiser promo code, your friends and family order online, and FruitShare delivers the boxes right to their homes or workplaces while your group raises money.

To find out more about FruitShare’s fresh fruit fundraisers, visit or send an email to

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