Spring is Strawberry Season

Strawberries – yum! The time of year for this springtime favorite is nearly upon us!

These little red berries are super popular and for good reason! Did you know that one cup of tasty strawberry halves contains only about 49 calories, but packs nearly 150% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake?

The same cup of strawberries has 29% of your needed manganese for the day, as well as 3 grams of fiber (about 12% for the day), 9% of your recommended folate and 7% of your needed potassium. Whew – that’s a lot of nutrients for one little cup of strawberries!

But the USDA Pesticide Data Program found that there are also 54 different pesticides on strawberries, according to the Pesticide Action Network’s resource, What’s On My Food. That’s 54 chemicals that could enter your body along with all those great vitamins – including chemicals that cause cancer, disrupt hormone function, affect young children and babies, and interfere with your body’s nervous system.

Ditch the harmful chemicals and make sure your strawberries are organic. Not only will you notice a taste difference, but you’ll also be helping your own body, the farmers who don’t need to handle dangerous chemicals, and the environment. Don’t forget, all of FruitShare’s fruit – strawberries included – is organic, so you can enjoy fruit as it was meant to taste!

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