How Everett Picks the Fruit

Did you know that FruitShare founder Everett hand-chooses the fruit that appears in the boxes each week? He inspects the fruit that is delivered from small organic farms across the U.S. and chooses only the best. If the oranges aren’t juicy enough, they don’t go in the box. If the nectarines aren’t sweet enough, they don’t go in the box. If the grapes aren’t firm enough for Everett’s high standards – you guessed it: they don’t go in the box.

Of course, the vast majority of the time, our lovely farm partners deliver top-notch fruit in season that Everett happily packs into your boxes. But even still, he samples each type of fruit that you see in your box each week to make sure the taste and texture are delicious and delectable.

So dig in, FruitShare fans! And rest assured that Everett has inspected the fruit to make sure it’s perfect every single time.

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