Did You Know? Pineapple Edition


One of the most popular varieties of spring fruit in season, pineapples are a strange-looking fruit that may be baffling if you’ve never actually cut a fresh one up before. To make it easy for you, we’ve put together some facts about pineapples, just for you!

  • There is a core of tough, woody flesh running through the middle of a pineapple. The sweet, juicy parts should be cut away from the center core after slicing away the tough skin.
  • Unripe pineapples not only taste bad, but they can also cause throat irritation. Know your pineapple is ripe by waiting until the skin is golden and it smells fragrant and sweet.
  • To ripen your pineapple more quickly, cut off the spiky leaves and set the pineapple upside down.
  • Each pineapple plant grows only 1 pineapple at a time. If left to their own devices, pineapples will grow for up to 2 years, reaching up to 20 pounds each.
  • Pineapple juice mixed with sand is very good for cleaning boat decks.

This week we’re sending pineapples in the boxes! Enjoy!

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