Words from FruitShare founder Everett Myers

Sometimes we get caught up in day-to-day life, and it’s easy to forget why eating fresh, whole and organic foods is so important. These words from FruitShare founder Everett Myers are a great reminder about why we love sharing organic fruit with you and your families:

“Processed foods come from all over the world and are combined with food ingredients from all over the world.  These ingredients are not always produced and handled with the caring hands of family farms you come to picture from children’s books. My vision of starting FruitShare has always been to partner with real farmers with a face who grow their food organically and with great integrity. We share where your fruit comes from, who grows it and frequently what it takes to bring it to harvest.  This is all very intentional. We want to be your trusted fruit purveyor and deliver the best-tasting fruit the season has to offer.  You don’t have to worry about pesticides and you can feel good that the environment is being cared for by someone who lives and works on the land and feeds their family the same fruit you are receiving (well, you probably get the best looking stuff!).” -Everett Myers, FruitShare founder, www.everettmyers.wordpress.com

For more from Everett, visit www.everettmyers.wordpress.com, or check out FruitShare.com to order your organic farm fresh fruit.

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