Apples and Pesticides

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the U.S. – they’re even an iconic gift from teachers to students. But if you’re not buying organic apples, you’re probably eating more than just a healthy and delicious piece of fruit. According to the Pesticide Action Network’s site, What’s On My Food?, 42 pesticide residues were found on apples by the USDA. These included:

  • 7 known or possible carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals)
  • 19 suspected hormone disruptors
  • 10 neurotoxins (which affect the nervous system)
  • 6 developmental or reproductive toxins
  • 17 honeybee toxins

To see the list of specific list of pesticides found on apples, visit What’s On My Food. It’s amazing to see the list of unpronounceable names – why would you ever want to eat something like that?

Apples top the Environmental Working Group’s list of the foods with the most pesticide residues. Avoid these nasty chemicals altogether by choosing organic apples. They are grown according to strict guidelines that prohibit pesticides and herbicides. Plus, FruitShare’s apples are delivered to you quickly after being picked. Conventionally-grown apples can sit around in cold storage for months, losing nutrition and flavor all the while. Not so with FruitShare.

Order your apples today, and rest easy knowing that the apple you’re eating is just that – an apple.

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