Exercises for Employee Wellness

In the past, we’ve talked about employee wellness and the importance of corporate wellness programs. But it can be difficult to work in physical activity during the work day, when sometimes a simple walk doesn’t feel like enough. An article in the Washington Post gives 12 ideas for activities you can do right by your desk. The Post’s infographic department tested exercises recommended by experts for a week to see which ones would be incorporated into a workday by actual people. The 12 best exercises for employee wellness are found here with animated demonstrations and witty remarks.

What is truly remarkable is that employee wellness programs actually have a measurable financial impact on a company. It has been found that businesses with corporate wellness programs get a return of $3 to $6 for every $1 spent on employee wellness. This return on money spent comes from a drastically reduced medical cost for each employee and increased productivity from healthier employees.

Make a change in your office! Get a group together to do the 12 exercises from the Washington Post, or do them yourself and lead by example. Don’t forget to look into FruitShare’s corporate wellness program, the Employee Wellness Club, which provides weekly deliveries of fruit in season for offices of any size. Get your office healthy with employee wellness this fall.

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