Staying Healthy at School

The arrival of Colorado peaches closes out a summer of fantastic fruit. Now we’re approaching the season of apples, pears, and more fall favorites. And the school year is right around the corner. Are you ready for it? Busy days full of homework, sports and music are approaching! With some easy tips, you can at least be prepared to keep yourself – and your family – healthy.

First off, pack fruit in your kids’ lunches (and in your own, too). Try to vary the types of fruit you pack so lunch remains interesting. Studies show that kids are more likely to eat fruits and veggies when they help pick them out, so let your kids decide what kind of fruit they want for lunch. It’s good to avoid soft fruits that will get mushy, like bananas. Instead, use apples, pears, grapes, oranges and even frozen blueberries or fresh peaches in a solid container. Fruits like these will stay fresh, especially when sprinkled with a little lemon juice to prevent browning. Fruit in season is best, offering superior flavor and nutrition.

Farm fresh fruit offers a tasty and healthy after-school snack at home. If your child is involved with sports, clubs or other after-school activities, pack some extra fruit for them to munch on between class and practice. The nutrients in fresh fruit will keep them energized without crashing.

Dish up a rainbow. Remember, different fruits offer different nutrients, and an easy way to the full spectrum is to eat a wide variety of colors. Eating lots of differently-colored fruit also keep mealtime interesting by highlighting different flavors and textures. Another upside to eating colorful fruit is that it can provide a pretty centerpiece on the counter and table. These types of fruity centerpieces have the effect of helping families to eat more fruit, too, since they make fruit attractive and accessible.

With Fall Fruit In Season, we’ll deliver wide variety of farm fresh fruit right to your door, so healthy eating is also simple – especially if you’re part of a busy family. And if your children are headed off to college, we can deliver organic fruit in season to the dorm or to apartments, so you’ll be positive your college kid is eating healthy this fall.

In the meantime, there are a few short weeks of summer left, and plenty of fresh peaches being harvested. Order your Colorado peaches today!

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