Corporate Wellness Programs & FruitShare

Corporate wellness programs are growing in popularity across the country as businesses realize that healthier employees are more productive employees. Employee wellness programs are also cutting down on healthcare costs for employers, since workers generally take fewer sick days and require less healthcare in general when they take advantage of at-work wellness programs.

Many corporate wellness programs offer incentives to employees who join a health club or meet certain goals throughout the year. But what about day-to-day wellness? FruitShare offers something fresh – literally – to employee wellness programs. With organic fruit delivery, FruitShare brings the freshest fruit in season right to the workplace. Having fresh fruit available at work offers healthier snacking choices; instead of munching on chips or donuts, employees can have juicy, flavorful fruit – a healthier choice by far.

FruitShare already connects small organic farmers to family kitchens, and now we offer a direct connection from those same farmers to the office. The Company Wellness Club provides weekly organic fruit delivery straight to the office and fits in with any employee wellness program. Whether fruit in season fits in with an existing program or your business is starting something new, visit our website to see all that FruitShare has to offer for businesses of any size, and work fruit into your corporate wellness programs today.

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