Colorado Peaches Ripening on the Trees

The Colorado peaches are nearing perfection as they ripen on the heavily weighed-down branches. Our favorite grower of tasty organic peaches, Brant, says the tractors can’t even get through the roads between trees because the branches are weighted down to the ground.

This is great news! It means that in spite of less-than-perfect weather this year and a tough freeze last winter, the trees are producing tons of fresh peaches for us to enjoy very soon. Because we only ship the most flavorful fruit in season, we’re waiting until the peaches are tree-ripened and at the peak of flavor before we begin sending them out.

Some of the Colorado peaches are ready to be harvested, so a few of them will likely appear in next week’s Fruit in Season Mixed Box. In the next week or two, enough organic peaches should be ripe and ready to go, so we’ll be able to send out boxes packed full of intense peach flavor. Order yours today. Check back often for updates on the Colorado peaches as the harvest begins!

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