The Organic Fruit Delivery Expert

When it comes to organic fruit delivery, FruitShare founder Everett Myers is the expert.

Everett grew up on a farm in Stillwater, MN, and learned from an early age how food should taste – and how much better it is when you pull your food from the ground rather than out of the bin at the grocery store. After studying ecology in college, Everett spent two years with the Peace Corps in Ecuador. While there, he worked with local farmers and began to experience the true dangers of pesticide use. Instead of just talking about it, Everett spearheaded efforts to educate farmers about the dangers and how to apply pesticides more safely, as well as starting organic community gardens.

On his return to Minnesota, Everett began his own CSA farm and worked as the organic produce buyer for a wholesale distributor in the Twin Cities. This is where he learned all about the advantages and disadvantages of modern shipping methods.

And one day, all that experience with fruit came together and FruitShare was born. Knowing that food tastes best when it’s picked fresh, and using the advantages and disadvantages of shipping to gain an edge, Everett found that he could offer the best fruit in season with organic fruit delivery to homes and businesses.

Now, you can get updates, tips and advice straight from the organic expert, because Everett has his own brand new blog! Check back often for new posts, updates about upcoming fruit, and to ask him questions directly. Find the organic fruit delivery expert at

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