What fruit comes only every few years?

Rainier cherries!

We are so lucky to be able to offer Rainier cherries this week. This variety of cherry is very delicate, so it is often damaged by wind, rain or weather that is too hot.

This year, with cooler-than-average temperatures and perfect weather, the cherries are beautiful. We have the biggest and best cherries of the harvest, which means these Rainiers are truly unbeatable.

Rainier cherries are unique, with different coloring than a classic red cherry: Rainiers are pale, creamy yellow with a pink blush. They are also very sweet and tender. In Japan they’re considered a delicacy, often sold for as much as $1 per cherry! This is a wonderful treat for FruitShare this summer.

You can order an 8-lb box of Rainier cherries on our website, and they will be delivered right to your home or work. Head over to our website to order now! We have a limited amount of Rainier cherries, so order yours before they’re all gone.

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