Win $25 For Your Best Recipe

The  FruitShare Best Recipe Contest has been extended. Submit your favorite summertime fruit recipe for your chance to win a $25 FruitShare gift certificate, an organic cotton FruitShare t-shirt, and will be featured on the FruitShare website! We will accept recipe submissions until Friday, July 8th. Then, you choose the best recipe by voting for the… Continue reading Win $25 For Your Best Recipe

FruitShare’s Best Recipe Contest Now Open!

For this month’s contest, FruitShare wants to hear your favorite recipes! Tell us your favorite fruit recipe and you could win a $25 gift certificate for FruitShare and have your recipe posted on the Featured Recipes page of our website. Whether your best recipe is a pie, a smoothie, or something on the grill, we… Continue reading FruitShare’s Best Recipe Contest Now Open!

June Health Checklist

In the Washington Post’s monthly Lean & Fit newsletter, there is a section called The Checklist. It has tips tailored for each month’s challenges and advantages which are great reminders for easy ways to stay healthy. Here’s a slightly adapted version of this month’s Checklist: Cool Beans Head to the farmer’s market in search of… Continue reading June Health Checklist

How The Diet Mentality Can Be Destructive

The word “diet” can often be considered a dirty word. While many of us are constantly trying to lose weight, diet foods or healthy foods often seem less appetizing than that bowl of ice cream or a bag of salty chips. A new study from Yale University explores the link between our perceptions of food… Continue reading How The Diet Mentality Can Be Destructive

Summer Flavor

Here at FruitShare, we look forward to summer as the prime time for delicious organic fruit. Summer brings blueberries, cherries and Colorado peaches, plus nectarines, plums, grapes, pluots, and many varieties of peaches. What’s your favorite summer flavor?

USDA Announces MyPlate

The USDA has replaced the well-known but little-understood Food Pyramid with a new icon called MyPlate. The new graphic seems much easier to understand and use in everyday life, with sections of a plate set aside for each food group. Fruits and vegetables should make up half of your plate, while the little circle for… Continue reading USDA Announces MyPlate

Hawaii School District Cooking From Scratch

Hawaii’s school district is making strides in the right direction when it comes to school food. As the 10th-largest and only state-wide school system in the U.S., Hawaii serves over 100,000 meals to students daily. Currently, 10 meals are made from scratch out of the 25-meal monthly cycle. By August of this year, 15 of… Continue reading Hawaii School District Cooking From Scratch