Summer Fruit is Here!

Now that Memorial Day is past, summer has unofficially started – meaning it’s the perfect time for FruitShare to begin shipping some summer favorites. Included in this week’s box are: Spring Lady peaches, Zee Fire nectarines, Poppy apricots, Flame grapes and Valencia oranges. Mixed in with these signs of summer are some more spring treats, including avocados, mangoes, Star Ruby grapefruits and lemons.

We had an update from Lou late last week, and he said his blueberries are beginning to turn blue. This is exciting news, as it means the blueberries are mere weeks away from being ready to eat! The warm weather at Lou’s farm means the berries will color up nicely and should develop a high sugar content. We expect the blueberries will be here around June 20th, and we’re already dreaming of our favorite blueberry recipes!

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