Win Foodie Magnetic Poetry!

Big news! Dave Kapell, creator of Magnetic Poetry, is joining our Ode to Fruit contest. In addition to the FruitShare t-shirt, Dave had the brilliant idea to add a Foodie Magnetic Poetry Kit as a prize for the winner. The author of the winning poem will become the proud owner of this delectable prize, with 200 tasty words at his or her disposal to add a little poetic flair to the refrigerator. Dave will also join Greg Seitz and the FruitShare team as a judge. Submit your poems as a comment to this post (or to the original contest post) to enter!

Here is a quick rundown of the rules:

1. Pick your favorite fruit(s) from the Currently Shipping page.

2. Write a poem about this fruit in 10 lines or less. This can be as silly or as serious as you want.

3. Submit it as a comment to this post (or to the original contest post). If you prefer to submit it through email, send your poem to

Other things to note:

The contest has been extended through next week. The winner will be chosen the week of May 23. We have extended the contest to allow everyone a chance at the new Foodie Magnetic Poetry prize!

You can submit more than one poem. If inspiration strikes and you have more than one poem you’d like to submit, go for it.

There are no prerequisites for entering the contest. You do not have to be a FruitShare customer to enter. Of course, we hope you will check out our website, but we encourage everyone to enter whether they’ve tried our delicious fruit or not.

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