Happy Earth Day!

We’ve had a few doom-and-gloom posts lately, mostly about pesticides and the obesity crisis. Today, we’re all about happiness and showing our love for the Earth. Here are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day:

1. Go out into the garden. Plant something. Don’t have a yard or a garden? Get a pot and some seeds and grow something inside. There’s nothing better than watching seeds sprout and grow over the next weeks!

2. Recycle everything you can.

3. Take a walk, but leave the technology at home. Instead of listening to your iPod, listen to the birds. Instead of looking at your phone, notice the trees and budding leaves. Breathe deeply. You’ll feel rejuvenated, guaranteed.

4. Visit a local farmer’s market. Plan tonight’s dinner using only local, unprocessed foods. Even better, plan your Easter dinner using only local, unprocessed foods.

5. Pick up any litter you come across.

6. Make every day Earth Day. Sound corny? Sure. But it’s important to remember that our choices have a real impact on the world. Make some small long-term changes for a bigger impact. Instead of just making a “farmer’s market dinner” on Earth Day, make it a weekly tradition.

7. Order from FruitShare. At the start of the growing season here in the Upper Midwest, it’s hard to find fresh local fruit. FruitShare makes it easy and sustainable to have in-season fruit from elsewhere in the country. Our fruit is 100% organic, so no chemicals are hurting the Earth or your body, and our shipping methods are sustainable, so getting the fruit to your door is kind to the Earth, too.

8. Check out the Earth Day Network. Take their interactive quiz to calculate your carbon footprint. Pledge a simple “Act of Green” to contribute to the goal of A Billion Acts of Green. Find out more about the history of Earth Day.

Above all, the best thing you can do is to love the Earth and make today the start of new habits that will help keep this planet beautiful for generations to come.

Tell us: what are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

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