Springtime Fruit

As we begin the month of March, winter is beginning to feel endlessly long, especially here in the Midwest where FruitShare™ is located. There is still deep snow on the ground, trees bare of leaves and temperatures are cold. Spring – and the beginning of the growing season – feel a long way away.

Which begs the question: what in the world could be ready for harvests during the spring?

Luckily, FruitShare™ has spent years finding the best organic in-season fruit from all over the United States. While not much can grow in the Midwest during the winter, there are plenty of places further south that grow delicious, healthy, organic fruit, and we can connect you, table right to those family farms.

During the early spring – March and April – we ship tasty citrus from California and Texas. Right now, for example, the boxes are full of Helene’s biodynamic citrus and Dennis’ sweet Rio Star grapefruits. As spring warms up, the fruit will begin to change, too. We hope to have plums, and aprums, strawberries in May, and peaches and nectarines in early June.

Let FruitShare™ provide you with the freshest organic fruit this spring, no matter where you are in the United States. We’re able to ship straight to your home or business. See our website for more information about fruit we ship during other seasons, and to place your order.