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Our friend Lee has a great  blog called Simple, Good and  Tasty that has information to  help people make good  choices about food. In light of  Valentine’s Day, we’ve  teamed up with Lee to offer a  discount to Simple, Good and  Tasty readers. Lee will also be  giving away one free box of  our fruit to a randomly-chosen reader; all you have to do is answer the question “what is your favorite winter fruit?” Leave your answer in the Simple, Good and Tasty comment box. Check it out today to enter for your chance to win and take advantage of the discount on a shipment from FruitShare™! (The contest is now closed.)

We want to know what your favorite winter fruit is, too. Before taking a look at Simple, Good and Tasty to enter to win a box of organic fruit, tell us: what is your favorite winter fruit?

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